Friday, November 5, 2010

1st Day on the job

I took a second job, a part time position at a local retirement community to help supplement my income about 2 years ago. From my 1st day on the job, I knew I was in the right place!

I decided to create this blog to share some of the funny & not so funny things I encounter there. Such as what happened on my first shift. Due to HIPPA laws, I am unable to share any real names or dates or other identifying information. It's suffice to say, all residents shall be known by generic names such as Mary or George or Mr. Man or Mrs. Lady and so on.

So, my first day behind the concierge desk was enriched by an encounter of preposterous proportions. Mrs. Lady was approaching the desk on the left side and Mr. Man was striding along behind his walker approaching the desk on the right hand side. Mrs. Lady looked and says, "George, George! Your barn door is open."

Mr. Man didn't even break his stride. Forward push, slide feet, forward push, slide feet. "Well, the horse can't get out of the barn door if he can't stand up!" he replies. Yes, I am in the right place :)